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Postkarten sind eines der beliebtesten Werbemittel überhaupt. Kein Wunder, schließlich haben sie für viele Menschen den Wert eines Sammelobjekts! Postkarten eignen sich als Giveaways, können aber genauso gut als Einladungskarten zum Einsatz kommen. Dankeskarten werden immer gut empfangen – gerade weil heutzutage handschriftliche Nachrichten immer seltener werden, haben sie eine persönliche Note.

High-quality Postkartens made ECO-friendly from the paper leftover.

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There are always many messages to give across. Postkarten is a proven way to get your customers attention. Keep your Postkarten with a simple and clear design and use them for several occasions: in events, fairs, mailing inserts or add them with each customer order. There are unlimited ways to use your Postkarten. Customize and make Postkartens yours with several size, material and finishing options.

Order your Postkartens today from Greenestprint.


Need a design for Postkartens? We got you covered. We have a variety Postkarten design templates for your business. It is super easy to start with your design. Choose the fitting template, add text, images and logos and complete the order.

Which Coating Option is the right one for your Postkarten?

Postkarten coating option makes up the cover and feeling. We made a short guide for you to help to choose the right one.

  • Shiny (Gloss Finishing) makes your Postkarten appear more colourful. Under the light, it reflects due to its added sheen. Similar feeling like most of the magazines printed
  • Matt (Silk Finishing) adds your Postkarten smooth and unreflective finish. It is more classic and solid. Suites best for designs which have a balanced amount of text and images.
  • Writable (Uncoated) gives your custom Postkarten availability to write on it easily. There is no additional touch or shine added.

Postkartens are needed in many cases: for new companies to promote and find first customers to large enterprises to get a message across. Doesn’t matter in which sector you are in: Postkarten are needed for real estate companies, restaurants and Horeca sector or layers and manufactures. It is a great way to target the right message with custom-designed Postkarten to the right customer. With different printing options, you can customize your Postkarten and make them unique and personal.

Order your custom designed Postkartens today through GreenestPrint and get them delivered fast.

Upload your custom design or use our Postkarten templates and adapt them with your business. Our designing team can also help to design the right Postkarten, fitting your needs.

Postkarten Q&A

Which paper type is most durable?

For Postkarten the most durable is matt or shiny coated 400gsm cardboard. It has the longest lasting time compare to other materials with similar weight.

How to design a best business Postkarten?

  • Your design shall have one focus. Less is more is the key. Have one clear message and simple visuals at your Postkarten. Do not overcroud Postkarten with loads of text. Nobody can read it.
  • Make sure that font is readable and images have high resolution. Customers have up to 3 second time to gain interest by viewing your Postkarten. To gain real interest to look future, the main message and visuals should be catchy and easily understandable.
  • Add a call to action. Customer views your Postkarten and what happens next? Do not forget to add a clearly understandable action, what the customer shall do next. Whether itis a discount offer or just an invite to visit your website, make sure your Postkarten has it.

What are the delivery terms? Can I get my Postkartens delivered to my door without any cost added?

  • Our economy delivery for Postkarten is always for FREE. We offer you several delivery options. Prices depend on picked production and delivery date. For urgent orders for Postkartens we charge a higher amount.
  • Delivery for Postkarten is to one address or to the selected pick-up point. Please make sure that you enter correct address and contact details to make sure, that the package arrives on time.

Is it possible to add a design on both sides of Postkarten?

Yes. It is possible to add design, text and images on both sides of Postkartens. Make sure, that you picked that option on before opening the designer tool.

Can I upload my own design to my custom printed Postkarten?

Ofcourse. If you have ready-made design file for Postkartens, you can just upload the .pdf file. Please make sure, that the file dimensions are exactly same as your ordered Postkartens size and there is a 3 mm bleed added. Make a file in CMYK colours and save it as PDF/X-1a.

Is the Print File for Postkarten correct?

If the file is not correct, delays will occur or the end result will be unexpectedly different.

Remember, We are not responsible for the incorrect files!

Get the file sizes right

Postkartens print file must be exactly the same size as the final product. In the case of A4 size Postkarten, the file must also be in A4 size. Therefore, when opening the design program, immediately enter the correct dimensions and number of pages.

Be sure to use CMYK colors

On the computer screen, we see RGB colour space images but for print, CMYK colour space is used. The main difference is that on the screen all colours are created by adding colour to a black screen but in printing, colour is added on the white. As soon as you start creating print file for Postkartens, select the CMYK colour space.

Add cutting margin 3mm

When making a file, be sure to add a 3mm cutting margin from each edge to the Postkartens size. Remember that the cutting margin is not just a white area, but you need to add your own design to that area. Eg background colour. This way you can avoid weird white lines around the design.

Leave room for cutting

A safety margin of 5mm from each edge should be left on Postkarten design file. You have to keep this in mind yourself because on some programs it is not possible to add a safety margin. Do not place important elements in the safety margin, as they may be accidentally cut off accidentally.

Sharp and clear images

For an image to be as beautiful as it is on a computer screen, the resolution must be at least 300dpi. The logo could be in vector graphics and not as an attached image. The texts should definitely be outlined so that punctuation and fonts are not lost.

Save the PDF file

When the Postkartens design is complete, save it in PDF format. All pages/sides of the publication should be in one file as separate pages. E.g. 2-sided printing requires 1 PDF that contains 2 pages (front and back). Also, make sure that all of the above is met!

Submission specifications

Failide lisamine on lihtne. Lihtsailt jälgi neid soovitusi, kui sa asud disainima ja üles laadima oma disaini. Lisa 3mm lõikevaru. Hoia vähemalt 4 mm ohutusvaru. Kasuta CMYK värviprofiili. Resulutsioon peab olema vähemalt 300 dpo. Fondi suurus peab olema vähemalt 6pt.


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